Dancing With Dance Okotoks

Dance Classes

Hello and welcome to Dance Okotoks where we offer an extensive range of dance classes for all experience levels and ages. Whether you are a keen dance enthusiast yourself or just looking to get your child a bit more active we look to try and host the widest variety of classes possible, with some of the most talented and skilled dance instructors in the industry. With so many different dance styles and techniques now in the performing world, from traditional ballet and ballroom to more modern styles of contemporary and street, we try to accommodate to all and even goes as far as one to one tutelage if a student takes a keen interest into that art.

Benefits of Dancing

Over the last few years studies have shown that dancing doesn’t just have its health benefits but also increases reflexes, flexibility and stimulates the brain. Plus it is always a great way to socialize as you can meet people in classes. Of course with anything there is an element of self-confidence and not looking to embarrass yourself when attending a class, which is why we set up classes for all levels. However if dance is not necessarily your thing the why don’t you check out a full range of diploma fitness courses here, where they have something for everyone.

Getting into dance cannot be simpler, all you have to do is stand up put some music on and just “shake it”. However if you are looking to take it up as more of a hobby then here is a few things to consider. Are you looking to improve your fitness or strength? Do you want to be dancing with a partner or on your own? How technical do you want to be or looking for something more creative? To get a better idea of what dance entails then you should look into each category for a detailed description of each art form. As mentioned previously we have highly trained staff to hand to help assist you along your journey of expression through movement, all instructors and physios have attended rigorous massage therapy courses to aid any student if they injure themselves when in the studio.

We hope you find what you are looking for and if you have any questions feel free to contact us for information and we would be happy help.